Unlocking Potentials. Creating Value.
Unlocking Potentials. Creating Value.
Unlocking Potentials. Creating Value.


Our values are what we live for, they are our guiding principles. Our clients and other stakeholders can confidently look forward to our unwavering commitment to these values. Our values, in no particular order of importance, are:


We carry on business while adhering to the highest standards of ethical practice and principles. We are honest and transparent in our dealings and we ensure the protection of client confidentiality at all times.

Professional Excellence

We operate with a view to deliver exceptional quality of service to our stakeholders and do so with the right attitude. This translates into our ability to offer best-in-class financial advice to our clients and execute transactions thoroughly, timely and efficiently.


Real and sustainable growth comes largely from an ability to envisage change and proper positioning. We believe good ideas rule the world and as such, we constantly seek new ways of doing things and encourage the cross fertilisation of ideas. At SCMC, we do not bother about thinking out of the box

Team Work

The complexities and difficulties involved in achieving our vision are well known to us. However, we also know that our dreams become much more realizable if we hire the right people, train, motivate, and encourage them to work together. We know that there is a more synergistic bang-for-the-buck when we work in teams populated by empathetic people with the right attitudes and aptitudes.

Fair Dealing

We deal with each client and all our stakeholders fairly and conscientiously. Our corporate and personal interests are subordinated to that of our clients when prioritising transactions. What is paramount to us is the attainment of our clients’ financial goals which ultimately translates into our success.